MJSAs Alumni.

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Ryusuke Saito

Founder of MJSAs
Purdue University, 2018


Masahiro Matsuyama

2015-2018 Founder of MJSAs/Vice President
Purdue University, 2018

“I was able to make great connections and friends across the 3years of working on MJSAs. MJSAs has also given me the chance to challenge myself as a leader/organizer to run the conferences. I believe that anyone in MJSAs can challenge themselves with new goals that one would’ve never thought of at their home school.”

Thomas Ishikawa

2015-Present Senior Advisor
Purdue University, 2016

“Throughout my time in MJSA, I was able to meet so many great individuals from different personal backgrounds while showing as much interest in the Japanese culture like me. Even if it is just for a few short days, the people you meet and the memories you make were definitely some of my favorite parts of my time in college. If you have any questions regarding the conference and whether or not it’s for you, please let me know and I would love to reach out to you!”

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