The MJSAs’ Board is looking for applicants who can manage, direct, and lead the Midwestern Japan Student Associations for the 2020 Election. We are looking for leaders who are quick on their feet and self-motivated.

As MJSAs embarks on its first full year after becoming an official NPO,  we seek applicants who will help expand the mission of the organization of continuing to provide leadership opportunities to students, and to continue to raise cultural awareness; enhance their communities; and provide networking & career opportunities.

Our goal for the next year is to take advantage of out new registration to expand the role MJSAs plays within the Midwest. To accomplish this, we are looking for fresh ideas and new takes on what kind of organization we can be. We believe that you will find being part of MJSAs to be a rewarding experience and a great way to build new networks.


Side Notes Regarding Positions:

  • Minimum: 1 year (possible to continue on Board with position till graduation)
  • Official start of term: Late May, 2020

Final Application Submission Deadline: Friday, May 1st, 2020 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST. GMT -05:00)

For any questions, please ask your Representative or reach out to us via the Contact page.


  • Submit online application
  • Consent to interview by Board
  • Deliberations within Board
  • Final vote by Board


  • Overseas all financial transactions of the organization;
  • Manages all conference expenditures;
  • Generate financial reports of events;
  • Report financial state of organization to Board;
  • Ensures all legal financial issues are handled;
  • Ensures financial transactions are being handled ethically.
  • Takes minutes during meetings;
  • Communicates internal communication (email) to all Board members and other team members;
  • Take initiative in covering all basis during meetings to archive information;
  • Works on monthly meeting presentation with President/VP
  • Help president communicate and organize logistics for MJSA hosted/sponsored events
  • To the best of the Director’s abilities, he/she will try to gain financial sponsors on the local, Midwest, National, or International level;
  • Fundraising and raising funds for MJSAs;
  • Responsible for all public-facing materials and documents;
  • Manage social media presence in conjunction with the President;
  • Develop and direct Public Relations and Marketing strategies to further advance MJSAs’ mission & vision;
  • Appoint team members to your committee as needed.
  • Implement, maintain, and integrate information systems (website, conference registration system, etc.) as-needed for operating MJSAs’ online technical operations.
  • Appoint team members to your committee as needed.

Previous work experience with HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/SQL, WordPress is a plus. Previous work experience in Front or Back-End Development is a plus. Knowledge of any frameworks is also a plus and development cycles is also a plus.